Changing Currents is an initiative to foster deeper, collective dialogue about water protection & its importance to tribal communities.

Changing Currents envisions a tribally-led water movement to ensure the health of our people and preserve our ways of life for many generations to come.

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Help Shape the Future of Our Water

Water is at the heart of our cultures, spirituality and society. Water sustains us and gives us life. But water needs our help.

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shared prosperity through protection

Rooted in traditional wisdom and understanding, our water leaders have a responsibility to uphold Tribal water rights and ensure our communities' future wellbeing and prosperity . It is our shared responsibility to adapt and proactively respond to the effects of climate change by demanding an inclusive and reflective water policy agenda. Time and time again, Tribal prosperity has always benefitted our neighbors and partners economically, socially, and culturally.


responsibility & sustainable stewardship

Water provides us with an abundance of natural resources for sustenance. For many tribes, water provides connection to gather, hunt, fish, share, and trade. While times have changed, Tribes and Native communities continue the tradition of reverence and sustainable stewardship of water and the importance it holds to our enduring legacy and cultural ties to our traditional homelands.

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Tradition + culture + community

For our traditions, cultures, and communities to thrive, we must acknowledge the importance of our stories and sharing precious knowledge from one generation to the next. This is especially important as our communities face critical challenges in the future around water and the changing environment. Teachings & stories are traditions that will guide our movement to protect water and empower our water leaders with knowledge, culture, and values.